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Fox TV Producer Robert Kiviat Files Lawsuit Against CIA's Ron Pandolfi and Company - UFO Disclosure At Hand!



HAMILTON, Ontario - March 2, 2019 - XZBN-- Finally, the truth about UFOs and their connection to the CIA and the U.S. Government will be disclosed under oath in a U.S. Court of Law and Robert Kiviat is the man making this happen.


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Thursday night, February 28, 2019, on Kal's Korner Radio Show hosted by Kal Korff on The 'X' Zone Broadcast Network ( Robert Kiviat, former Fox TV producer investigative journalist, investigative journalist gave exclusive insights into his lawsuit against the CIA's Ron Pandolfi and Company. Others who are mentioned in this explosive hour-long interview include former U.S. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), Robert Bigelow (Bigelow Aerospace and National Institute for Discovery Science), and Tom DeLonge (President and interim CEO of To The Stars Academy of the Arts and Science).

Kiviat, producer of "Alien Autopsy", "World's Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets Finally Revealed", "Unsolved Mysteries", "Aliens On The Moon: The Truth Exposed" and others, is claiming this lawsuit is the win that the UFO community has been seeking since 1947 finally bringing disclosure to the UFO / Extraterrestrial truth embargo.

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